Baston House School

Baston House School provides a centre of excellence in education and development for children aged between 5 and 16 years of age who have been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum condition (ASC).


Our Mission Statement

Baston House School strives to provide effective specialist education and support to pupils on the Autistic Spectrum and to their families, enabling pupils to achieve their full potential in education and in life outside school.

Our goal is to break down the barriers to learning that our students encounter and to help them to equip themselves for as independent a life as possible outside of school.

Our approach is based on an eclectic fusion of child-centred and autism-specific strategies and techniques, with a clear focus on improving communication and interaction skills through positive interventions.

Primary Education

At the Primary Phase, Baston House School offers a specialist education that includes the National Curriculum to pupils aged from three and a half to eleven years.

The main focus will be to address the barriers to learning that pupils on the Autistic Spectrum encounter, namely communication & interaction difficulties and problems with flexibility of thought and action.

Secondary Education

Baston House School offers a wide range of opportunities for Key Stage 3 students who encounter barriers to their learning through their difficulties on the Autistic Spectrum.

Specialist subject Teachers lead and support the teaching and learning at this stage. Experience of specialist subject areas, resources and equipment are an increasing part of each school day.

In Key Stage 4 courses that provide pathways to nationally recognised accreditation, including GCSE, may be followed.

Specialist Teams

Working alongside our Teaching staff, there are others who are vital in ensuring that our pupils/students are appropriately supported through every day and every learning experience.

Small class groups are supported by Teaching Assistants, who work under the direction of the Teachers. Teaching Assistants may support individual pupils or small groups, dependent on need.


Baston House School have a comprehensive range of policies, approved by Ofsted. Hard copies are freely available for all parents and social workers to read on request. Please contact the School office on 020 8462 1010

By way of example, policies on Safeguarding, Complaints and Admissions can be accessed below.

Baston House School Safeguarding Policy

Baston House School Complaints Policy

Baston House School Admissions Policy