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Farm Yard Arrivals at Oaklands

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Oaklands has had some beautiful  new arrivals in the form of six lambs and two donkeys.

They are a big hit with staff and young people  ‘’They are very friendly, cuddly and funny.’’ Said one young person.

Recently our three Jacob sheep all gave birth to a set of twins each. Snowy lead the way producing two beautiful girls followed closely by Badger who had one girl and one boy.Last but not least was Bev who had two boys, these struggled at birth but luckily one of our young people jumped in and used her Land Based Studies knowledge to save the lambs.

Mothers and babies are all doing well and enjoying the sunshine.

Tri, Tri Again…..

Friday, April 25th, 2014

For two glorious afternoons, the pupils of Hillcrest Park School ran, swam and rode their way into the sporting history books.

As the school covers such a wide age range the pupils were put into groups and each group had a different Triathlon challenge depending on age and ability.

Leading by example on the first afternoon were the Oathill and Park Farm girls who rode out of school with a steely determination in their eyes. Meanwhile some of The Bartons boys were already in the pool cutting through the water.Lengths completed they hopped out the pool, posed quickly for the awaiting media throng, and set off on their ride back to school.

Drama followed as a puncture threatened to derail one riders progress, but a quick bike change courtesy of the support car, and hardly any time was lost.

By now the girls had ditched their bikes and were setting a good pace to the leisure centre. Once there they wasted no time in completing the final disciple. Back at school, the boys had returned safe and were pounding the concrete with a spring in their collective step. Day One – a resounding success.

Word of the achievement of the day one participants swept through the corridors and classrooms and Sports Relief Triathlon fever was gripping the whole school.

The younger Steps kids completed their bike ride and run on site in a blizzard of bikes, helmets and running trainers. They then headed en mass to the swimming pool to join up with the older boys and complete their swim.

The sense of achievement that each pupil gained from completing their own triathlon and the effort that they all put in was great to see. A big thank you has to go to all the school and care staff who helped in lots of ways to make this event possible – same time next year?!


Sports Relief at Hillcrest Slinfold

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Slinfold celebrated Sports Relief by participating in a number of different sports throughout the day.

In the morning all the students participated in a game of Cage Cricket. Over the last half term the game has been played during PE and all the students have shown a real desire to play the fast paced version of the game designed for confined urban spaces (our hard court) which enables everyone to score whether their batting, bowling or fielding.

All students were involved and between them, managed to notch up an impressive score of 4980 points in just over an hour. In the afternoon the two sports were football and basketball. The group were split and one competed for two hours playing round robin and knockout football competitions.

After an hour of grueling battle, which saw sweat, tears and blood (grazed knees) it came down to the individual winner Troy and the plate winner Taylor to battle it out, to be forever known as the ‘Hillcrest Sports Relief Football Champion’.

Congratulations to Troy who emerged as the winner. The basketball was a little more lighthearted. The group spent the two hours playing 3 on 3 with no one really keeping score but all taking part and having fun.

Darren Bell, Sports Instructor

Slinfold Sports Relief

Slinfold Sports Relief

The Bartons young musician of the year

Friday, April 25th, 2014

At the Bartons we are currently working on a new music room including drum kit, banks of guitars, amps, PA system, ukuleles and even a professional karaoke system with DVD.

Some of our residents already take drumming lessons and once up and running, we will be extending this to guitar tutorship as well as scope to further extend the range of instruments available.

One very encouraging start is that one of our boys who attends a local mainstream school, has taken up bass guitar within the last year.

This has quickly progressed to lessons and joining a school band, resulting in him being presented with the young musician of the year award at his school’s ceremony for outstanding pupils.

Both staff and young people are very proud and went to watch the performance and award ceremony.

We hope that the music room will encourage all of the boys here to learn an instrument and feel that this is a positive skill to take forward with them, and who doesn’t love a good sing song!!

Alex Dodd, Team Manager

Service User Celebrates in Style

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

On Monday 3rd February one of our service users turned 50.

We decided as a team that we could not let this go uncelebrated.

One of our Support workers spoke to his parents who own a small family restaurant in Littlehampton. They very kindly agreed to close to the public and allow us to celebrate Peter’s birthday!

They provided an appropriate menu for us to choose from that was suitable for our service users’ dietary needs.

The evening was an over whelming success, with fantastic food and service. The restaurant was beautifully decorated with balloons and banners in celebration.

Peter was joined by members of staff, his fellow house mates and members of his family. Although Peter cannot speak for himself, it was felt by all that judging by his laughter and smiles, he had a brilliant time.

Jackie Cook, Home Manager

Hillingdon Irons Football Success

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Last Sunday as with the first Sunday of every month we took the college football team to participate in the Middlesex Football Association PAN disability league.

The team excelled themselves and we have a fantastic result.

We won all our games and as a result have secured the league title!

We have been participating in the league since October 2013 and have only lost one game.

Sunday 1 June will be a proud day for the team, as we will be collecting the trophy. During this county cup day we hope to complete the double.

Congratulations to the team!

Craig Appleton, Deputy Manager

The Winning Team

The Winning Team!

Oaklands Action Packed Week at Condover

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Students at Oaklands attended an action packed week at Condover Outward Bounds Centre in Shropshire.

Activities included Archery, (which got very competitive between students and our Teaching Assistant!) Laser Maze, Abseiling, High Ropes Course, Low Ropes Course, Body Zorbing and many others.

A brave young person along with Oaklands SENCo and care workers  all successfully did the leap of faith on the High Ropes Course, while one of our Senior Teachers was eventually persuaded to come down the abseiling wall!

One young person excelled in fencing, others became experts at Laser Questing.  The Condover staff said our students were the best competition they’d had all year.

The week came to an all too soon close, Condover wished us goodbye and hoped to see us again.

All staff and students said they would love to repeat the adventure.

Talks of a summer trip are underway, so fingers crossed!

David Biddle, Principal


Condover High Ropes

Give us a Break!- Anti-Bullying Campaign

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Today marks the end of Anti-Bullying week.

Anna Kennedy’s son Angelo Kennedy’s poster ‘Give us a Break!’ (in partnership with Autism Service’s charity and the Anti Bullying Alliance), was flying all over twitter.

Melanie C from Spice Girls, Melanie Masson from X Factor, Esther Rantzan,Kathy Lette, Bruno Tonioli and Kristina Rihanoff from Strictly all shared Angelo’s poster in support to give him a voice for Anti-Bullying week. Dave Sullivan Chairman of West Ham was also in support.

Angelo has severe autism, epilepsy and sensory process difficulties.

Angelo Kennedy Poster

Hampshire Graffiti Art Project

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Students at Hillcrest Hampshire have thoroughly enjoyed studying Graffiti this term.

Students contacted Havant Borough Council to see if they could display their artwork within their own community. Georgina Rogers (Havant Community Officer) in partnership with the Parks association looked at their art designs and granted permission for the graffiti to be placed in Hayling Island Skate Park.

Students chose the message ‘One thought can change the world’ and staff member David Morgan, helped them make it a design they could use.

Students really felt proud that they could positively contribute to the area in which they spend lots of their free time. It was also very cool to use sprays and see the finished work publicized.

Hillcrest Hayling would like to thank all involved in the project. Alice Anstee (Head of School) is hoping the students can do more to take part in their community and is looking forward to more student led projects this term.

Hayling School Graffiti Wall

Hampshire School Graffiti Wall

Andrew’s Great Day Out

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Andrew, a client at Supported Living West Sussex had an amazing day out at Hampton Court.

We got to the hotel Friday evening and Andrew was happy with the rooms looking nice and spacious. We went to the pub next door and had a meal with ice cream for pudding. We went for a walk through the town and found a Tesco express where Andrew bought himself some biscuits for his supper and returned to the hotel.

After breakfast we left the hotel at 9 to get to Hampton Court. When we arrived it was very busy but Andrew coped with this very well.

I was surprised at how well he did cope as it was like coming out of a concert with about 20,000 people about. He was very chatty about what we were going to see.

We looked in all the marquees and at all the stalls. We even did some cheese tasting in the food hall. We had a picnic before we went around the other half of the show.

Andrew bought himself a gardening book and a programme as a reminder of the day. On the way out he bought an ice-cream.

Andrew talked about how great the day was and enjoyed looking at all the plants and flowers. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep – a good sign of a great day out!

Jason Remnant, Support Worker

Andrew at Hampton Court

Andrew at Hampton Court